Information Technology

The Kaibab Paiute Tribe's I.T. Department is responsible for providing technical advice and support for Tribal staff and Government. South Central Communications is responsible for all internet on the Kaibab Paiute reservation. Their contact information is -

Phone: (888)826-4211
Technical support :



  1. I'm signed up for the highest speed but it still seems slow. Why?
    Please contact South Central Communications customer service at (888) 826-4211 for all assistance relating to your home internet.

  2. My computer has XYZ wrong with it. Can I bring it by so you can fix it?
    No. We don't currently offer repair services for personal computers. However if you call we might be able to get you started on finding your own solution.
  3. My internet is/isn't _____
    Anything related to the internet is now handled by South Central Communications. Please see the contact information near the top of the page.